Which animal will you be in your next life?

We know you want to be a kitten to enjoy your naps.

Cat wearing oversized glasses in "Which animal will you be in your next life?"
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Perfect drink?

Choose a hairstyle

Pick your vacations

Choose a color


Choose a city to live

Which one do you prefer?

Pick a sport

Preferred movie?


Favorite class

Which animal are you?
You are a Cat!

Exhausted White cat

Always tired. And a bit curious sometimes.
You are a Dog!

Cute adorable dog lying down

Always playful and a bit sad when you are not the center of attention.
You are a Bird!

Kingfisher bird on a branch

Spread your little wings and fly away!
You are a Ferret!

Cute ferret in the wild

SO adorable!
You are a Piglet!

Oink Oink.
You are a Hamster!

Grey-white hamster eating

Everybody loves these little furry balls.
You are a Fish!

Discus fish in its natural habitat

Hence your impeccable swimming. Sushi anyone?

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