Created: April 12, 2019.

Is there such a word as “Quizonary”? What does it mean?

Quizonary is a completely made-up word. It may be a quiz dictionary and you may be a quiz visionary like we are.

Why do you have a donkey as a mascot? Aren’t donkeys stupid?

According to Wikipedia, researches show that donkeys are actually quite intelligent. We are here to prove it. Our donkey co-founder and mascot who goes by the name “Q” is the equivalent of Chuck Norris in the animal kingdom. And no, nobody cares whether Chuck Norris is of high intelligence, things just happen his way.

There are a lot of quiz websites out there, why Quizonary?

This question is partially answered since our mascot donkey “Q” is “the equivalent of Chuck Norris in the animal kingdom” and you wouldn’t want to mess with the equivalent. However, we are proud to introduce you to a more “boutique” style alternative to the big websites where you can actually get carried away by the vastness of content. We are here for quizzes. You too.

Do I need an account?

Quizonary is completely free for anyone to play and share their results with friends, family and colleagues. No account is needed to interact with the website’s content, however in the near future you will be able to make your own quizzes and you will have to be logged in to do so.

Do you have an E.T.A. on when we will be able to build our own quizzes?

Patience friend. While we may not be able to give you an exact timeline, rest assured, it is coming.

English masters. Why are those quizzes hard, even for native English speakers?

There are two types of people that became masters by doing nothing at all. Netflix and chill masters who only need a Netflix subscription, nothing to brag about. And then there is Chuck Norris who was born with the gift. For the rest of us, work hard to master anything.

Do I need to check out the website daily in order to play the daily quizzes?

The easiest way to not miss the daily challenges is to turn on notifications. This way you will always know when new content is added. Also don’t forget to signup for our newsletter.

What type of personal data does Quizonary collect about me when I browse the website?

We use cookies for analytics services and advertising which is the standard procedure of the majority of live websites. By using these cookies we are able to provide you with a tailor-made experience. You can always change your cookie preferences here, however, it is not advised to do so because this will diminish your overall user experience here. You can read more about your privacy and the way we handle the information you provide us here. If you are from the E.U. don’t forget to read our G.D.P.R. section here.

What’s with all those ads. Can’t I just donate an amount and browse ad-free?

Here at Quizonary we strive to bring you the best user experience and this does come at a cost for us. By serving a couple of ads here and there we are able to provide you with all that free content. If you, however, want an ad-free experience read this article from our blog about the “brave new world”.

I saw a pretty cool picture in one of your quizzes or blog articles that I want to use too. May I download it?

We mainly use royalty free pictures from websites such as pixabay and unsplash. Click on the caption just below any picture, and you will be redirected to the correspondent website where you can download anything for free. Remember that while crediting is not always mandatory, it goes a long way if you do it. So always credit and help spread the love.

I played a really cool quiz and I want to insert it into my blog. How can I do that?

Just contact us, choose “embed quiz” from the drop-down subject menu and we will email you some code and instructions on how to do it. Remember to put the quiz title in the free text box as well as your website URL. For copyright sake and for the matter of preserving the natural flow of life in the universe, the quiz we provide you will have our branding and you are required to credit us and provide a link to our website. We closely monitor and act accordingly in situations where our guidelines are not met.

My question is not answered.

Feel free to contact us about any matter here.