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Chuck Norris vs Chewing Gum. Who will win?

Chuck already knows.

Chuck Norris holding two guns in front of the US flag

Chuck Norris slips his hand underneath the desk he is sitting at and touches a chewed gum.

In a surprise movement, the chewed gum fires heavenly smells towards the ranger.

Chuck Norris continues staring at the gum so intensely that he bends spacetime and forms a black hole.

The chewed gum uses all of its superpowers, raises the desk and throws it towards Chuck Norris at the speed of light.

Chuck Norris decides to end this confrontation for good. He goes back in time to eliminate the existence of hot red, extra soft, strawberry chewing gums.

Chuck Norris vs Chewing Gum. Who will win?
Chuck Norris doesn't chew gums. Gums chew themselves when he walks by them.

Chuck Norris goes to Las Vegas and marries himself.

What a waste of time! You might want to consider retaking the quiz because Chuck knows where you live. And he knows that you know.
Chuck Norris - chewing gum: It's a tie!

Chuck Norris always wins at ties.

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