Brave web browser pays you to surf the web!

Welcome to a Brave new world

Brave web browser
Gerd Altmann/Pixabay and Brave

Welcome to a Brave new world

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. If you choose to give the Brave web browser a go, kindly use our link. You browse the web ad-free and we get a small commission for our referral.

The people behind Brave web browser are on a “mission to fix the web”.

But why is the web broken in the first place?

We all visit hundreds if not thousands of websites each month. Those websites, be it big news websites, entertainment websites or simply personal blogs, use technologies such as scripts and trackers to provide you with the best “User Experience”. In addition, most websites today serve ads to their visitors. This is how they are able to provide the content we all enjoy for free. Here is where the problems for the end user begin. Scripts can block a page until you click that Call-To-Action (CTA) button. Cookies can contain malicious code and trackers are there to remind you that Big Brother is watching. We can go on for ages and pages, but we can all agree that the web is broken due to the existence of fraudsters.

And here is where Brave web browser jumps in and claims to have eliminated many of the aforementioned problems. And is continuously trying to do so.

Now let’s break down a couple of key points of interest so you can decide if you want to try the Brave web browser for yourself.

Simply head over to their website, or better, use our affiliate link, choose your operating system and you are good to go. You will be browsing the web faster and ad-free in no time. Plus you will earn BATs if you choose to opt-in for Brave’s ads.

Brave browser has adopted Chromium, which is the open source project that supports Google’s Chrome browser. However, it has stripped down all of Chrome-specific code as well as Google accounts and account synchronization.

Yes, Brave browser can be found in Google Play, App Store and as an Amazon app.

Brave browser automatically blocks all ads on web pages as well as cookies and trackers. Ads might contain hidden malicious code that will execute when you click on a link and your security will be compromised. Cookies and trackers that follow you around the web can also prove harmful both directly and indirectly at times. Brave browser blocks all those ads, cookies, web beacons and trackers. But how about technologies that are more helpful than potential risks, such Facebook social “login”, Twitter “tweets”, Pinterest’s “pin this” etc. Brave is addressing those issues both pro- and retro-actively. If you want to dive deep a post from Reddit and another from the official website of Brave are food for thought.

Yes, Brave browser is 100% free. And there is more. If you choose to opt-in for viewing ads that don’t track you, you are also eligible for receiving basic attention tokens (BATs) which you can spend to support your favorite publishers like Quizonary.

By not showing ads on pages and blocking third-party scripts, cookies, and trackers, Brave browser claims to be up to 8x, yes 8 times faster, than Chrome and Safari. And while a fully speed-optimized website might only gain a second or so in terms of loading speed, imagine what will happen if you visit a link to a website that is LOADED with advertising and trackers.

Brave browser claims that by stripping down ads you are serviced “lighter” versions of pages, which in turns results in less data usage and charges in your mobile plan.

By opting-in for Brave browser’s ads you will receive basic attention tokens (BATs) which you can use to “tip” your favorite publishers. Note that Brave rewards are only available for desktop users at the moment and a future update will include mobile integration.

According to people at Brave, “We do not have access to identifiable user data. The anonymized aggregated ad campaign related data we do collect is used for accounting and reporting, but this data cannot be mapped back to devices or user identities of any kind”.

The basic attention token is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum blockchain that the people at Brave have created as the currency for the Brave browser ecosystem. Users earn BATs from ads they are shown (opt-in for ads display needed) and publishers pay in BATs for their advertising. BATs earned by users can be used to tip content creators. More about this cryptocurrency in the official FAQ.

Brave is definitely a browser you should look into. It is fast, secure and protects you from getting tracked online. If you are overwhelmed with ads in the websites you visit, Brave browser is there to provide you an ad free environment where you can focus purely on content and engagement.

And last but not least, if you choose to go the Brave way, opt-in for their unobtrusive ads and remember to tip your favorite publishers to keep on producing content you love for free. Remember, not everyone with a blog is a copycat who doesn’t deserve your attention, nor are all websites part of a big media network. There are tens of thousands of content creators out there that deserve your attention.

Note that at this time, ads in Brave Rewards are available to view in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. We will update this section,nce more countries are added.